Honored to receive 2 more awards for Do You Believe In Magic? as well as a great review!


In rare form, this musical audiobook sets you on a journey that has many unexpected twists and turns to get you to the core of the story’s secrets. Once you have experienced this one, you will indeed believe in magic, because you will find it one that is spellbinding and it will have you holding your breath until the story comes to an end … The music is exquisite, her voice is radiant throughout, the story line is captivating and the narration is very well done. This will be one that all ages will find enchanting, as long as they can still connect to their childhood world of make believe … where everything is possible….

We have always enjoyed Aoede and once again she has not disappointed. Check out our other review for her as well. The link is provided below. What Dreams Are Made Of

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