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Greetings!  I am Lisa Sniderman, aka Aoede, pronounced (A-E-D), from San Francisco: Fostering Healing to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings and Inspiring You to Share Your Story!

IMG_8398I wear a lot of hats as Aoede! I create and record fantasy musicals on audiobooks for young adults and all “kids at heart” and adapt them to musical theater. I am also a quirky folk pop artist, a teaching artist, author, voice actor, playwright, and filmmaker. If you are a fan of Ingrid Michaelson, Meiko or Regina Spektor, you may also like my quirky soprano voice and songs.

Living with a chronic illness for more than 11 years, I’ve discovered music and art are my lifelines; I cannot stop creating! My mission is to be a light and a muse by inspiring, engaging, empowering, connecting with, encouraging, and supporting young adults and kids at heart of all ages, challenges, and abilities through original art and music. I create, record, and share my original musicals, art and music as a healing path and to give back. Telling stories, creating recordings and turning them into theater productions makes me feel most alive, purposeful and deeply connected to others. My memoir: “A Light in the Darkness: Transcending Chronic Illness through the Power of Art and Attitude,” was released September 21, 2018, and is intended to inspire and encourage those battling chronic illness, disability, or life challenges (and those who love them).

I have been honored with more than 65 awards for songwriting, audiobooks and stage plays since 2012. Highlights include: Independent Music Awards Vox Pop Winner 2014; International Songwriting Competition 2013, 2012 Winner; John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2013, 2012 Finalist.

Do You Believe In Magic?” (MAGIC) (Aug 2015) is my third award-winning original fantasy musical for young adults and kids at heart. Think Harry Potter and Percy Jackson meet Into The Woods! MAGIC audiobook is the recipient of six Children’s awards, an endorsement from KIDS FIRST! and was considered for Best Musical Theater Album in the 58th Grammy Awards. I adapted MAGIC to a musical stage play, directed staged readings Dec 2016 and May 2015, and received several stage play awards. I hope you will check out my new musical, my new website, and my other acclaimed musical albums such as the award-winning “What Are Dreams Made Of?” (Sep 2013).

Why Aoede? Once upon a time, in Greek mythology, way before the 9 celebrated muses, there was a muse named Aoede: the first “muse of song.” I chose this name both to inspire you to do whatever is inside your soul and to remember to be continually inspired.

Aoede’s Latest Albums

The Dream Gates of the Underworld