Is Love A Fairy Tale?

“Aoede the Muse searches for love in a magical kingdom called Wonderhaven  and meets colorful characters along the way.”


Aoede the Muse searches for love in Wonderhaven, meeting curious characters: Morpheus, the shape-shifter; Binkle, the garden gnome; Albert the spaceman ice cream vendor; Mr. Wonderful, eternal optimist; and Amala, her Fairy Godmother; Each tells her about love.


Is Love A Fairy Tale? is a collaboration of amazing artists and is produced and engineered by Scrote (the Donnas, The Stripminers). Stellar musicians include: the highly acclaimed Tina Guo  on cello, 2 x Grammy Award-Winner Bubba Hernandez on tuba…


“Make It Up As You Go” is a feel good, catchy whistle tune that invites us to close our eyes and paint our lives the way we want to see. “Little Things” is a sweet ukulele-based song, reminding us of simple days. Reason to Smile is an upbeat song with a definite circus vibe…