Aoede’s newest musical story (which will be released Sep 24, 2013), What Are Dreams Made Of? is already award-winning!

Here’s the review from Family Review Center:

“This new release reaches beyond the audience that she was embracing in her previous work and now she is embracing the older genre, the tweens and teens, as well as young adults. Some of the younger group may well enjoy this one as well, however, as a parent of a younger child myself, I advise that sensitive children can at times find deeper topics to be disturbing even when we may seen whimsy and fun in the topic …. so if you are dealing with a child under the age of 11 or 12, I suggest you listen first and base it on your knowledge of your own child, just to be certain it is their cup of tea, and it most likely will be. This is a captivating and inviting story shared in word and music. A beautiful piece of art in cd form. The picture she paints through her work is spellbinding and one that you will enjoy again and again. Child and parent alike can enter in to this fairytale world and experience this exciting new realm together.”
Family Review Center (GOLD AWARD)

gold award 144 frc