So thrilled to be included as the musical soundtrack: “Fairy Tale Love” to “FAE: The Secret World of Fairies” !

There is a KICKSTARTER happening for the next 26 Days for this one-of-a-kind project! Please check out and share the magic!

Calling all Fairy lovers, Fairy believers and even Fairy scientists!
To be Film Producers! “Fae` The Secret World of Fairies” – A magical Fairy film needs your help to fund the project on Kickstarter!
“FAE` The Secret World of Fairies”
St. Nectan's Fairy Glen
FAE The Secret World of Fairies
Herbie Brennan

FAE` The Secret World of Fairies…

Hello Fairy friends!  We need your Fairy help!  Would you like to see a magical film about;‘The Secret World of Fairies’?  It is on Kickstarter with lots of Faery-tastic rewards at different pledge levels. You can donate as little as $1 and receive a reward. ***** A Film “Producer’s Name Credit” ***** starts at $25 Pledge Level as a special thank you for your contribution(s) to Kickstart the Fae` film!

We’ve posted a Video sample of the film for you to view. All of our Artists are so excited to hear what you all think of it! Share the excitement with your Fairy friends;

Linda, who is one of the Producers of the film is offering Leprechaun’s Delight Coloring Book and The Fairy Delight Cook Book at the $10 Pledge Level

In one of the $500 reward categories one of the rewards included is a signed Gold Limited Numbered edition of ‘Hannah Titania’s book, “A True Fairy Tale’.And, we have New York Times Best Selling Author Herbie Brennan’s “Faerie Wars” novels are on many of the Pledge levels rewards for your contributions.
Aoede’s Award Winning Music Soundtrack Album “Is Love A Fairy Tale?” is a Faery-fantastic Pledge Level Reward.Kate Beloved Levensohn’s Music CD “Wind on Water” is another glitterific Music Soundtrack Pledge Level Reward being offered on our Kickstarter.We also have a magical FAE` Fairies Calendar by Jacqueline Underwood Photography Pledge Levels Rewards; it’s a beautiful FAE` Fairies 2014 month Calendar with an insert of beautiful frameable Fairy art and photos! Ryan Durney is one of the Award Winning Artists in both the Calendar as well as Special Pledge Level Rewards for his Limited Edition ‘Birds of Lore’ stamped with hand-drawn Silver Bird-Fairy Art. 

In one of the $1000 reward categories you will receive a Fairy House and a Fairy Tea Set handmade by Hannah Titania like the one from her book ‘Hannah Titania A True Fairy Tale’ along with a signed Gold Limited Numbered edition of the book and a ‘Magic of the Sea’ necklace.
To Pledge for the Fairy House, Fairy Tea Set, necklace and book you will receive included in these reward categories visit Kickstarter NOW!

Just Click Here to visit our Kickstarter Project if you don’t want to miss your chance =)  Or, if you love Fairies, and just want to watch the video again =)

All of us who are participating in the film want you to remember, even if you’re not able to make a pledge, your messages mean the world to us, and I’m sure there’s someone in your life who could use some Fairy Magic so don’t forget to share this with a Fairy friend or fellow Fairy enthusiast =)

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