5.0 out of 5 stars Lively Skeletons September 9, 2012
Format:Audio CD
The album, “Skeleton’s of the Muse”, in many senses seems to have an underlying current of the Vaudevillian feel you might get from some of the tracks on “A Night At The Opera” or something from the “White Album”. The songs weave sounds thoughout them that accent the moods and lyrics of each song in a playful, creative, and artful way. In this weaving web are carefully placed background and harmony vocals that appear wistfully throughout in well-placed spaces of the songs. With her own distinct tones and vocal phrasing, the unique and soothingly sweet voice of Aoede will have you skipping along at times as if you were enjoying the youth of childhood again and not caring what anyone thinks because you’ve found the fountain of youth!
My own favorite tracks are: “Can’t Stop the Music” (track 1) and the melodic “Fairy Tale Love Song” (track 7). These are a must listen! The mixing job makes the album a good headphone listen which is a big plus for me as it has subtle sounds mingling into the many melodic and almost otherwise unnoticable niceties. The album is well produced and has a kaleidoscopic variety of musical colorations on the tunes.
The album makes a case for enjoying life on this earth and just being yourself. It is playful – yet contemplative. It tackles the innocence of youthful dreams to the complexeties of life that come with adulthood and the mundane routines that makes us all human. A pleasant yet bouncy vaudevillianish album with a modern pop twist. It is no wonder that Aoede has multiple nominations for “Best Artist” for the 2013 Artists In Music Awards!