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Listened to your songs just now and what strikes me most is that, although all different, you’ve managed to brand each and every one of them with your unmistakable personal style, individual yet recognizable – simply great! All the best with it, Niels” Niels: June 1

Hi Aoede, your music is very personal and entertaining.Peter Holmqvist: May 29

Love your vocals. Enjoyed listening to your radio interview on Calm Anarchy. All the best to you and your music. RMRobert Machado: May 25

Your voice is wonderful on “Love Proof” ! Beautiful tune !” Jeffrey Whitman: May 25

Excellent tracks love. Very catchy and upbeat. Really like it! Best of luck to you. I can totally hear “Can’t Stop The Music” playing in a movie” Leo Folsom: May 21