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I am so glad i fanned you Aoede, LOVE your new song ,CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC. Lyndon Rivers: Apr 18

Wow…”Can’t stop the music”….really great tune!…Blessings…T.F.” Tribal Frequencies: Apr 18

Some of this music almost made me cry, I loved it that much! Oh wow! I mean that, wow! You fall into a very special class of amazing artists. Kate Bush, Ani Difranco, Feist, Tori Amos. WOW!!!Blizzard: April 12

Love Proof..such a lovely song” Vincent Pablo: Apr 11

I sure can see why you received the honors you have. I Lost, You Win, is one of my favorite songs. Hmm, I guess it is hard to say favorite because I have always loved music, but gosh I love that song.” Lou Couch: Apr 12