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Hi.Great sound. I love Fairy Tale Love. Great vocal. Wonderful lyric. Lovely arrangement. Mark Parker: Apr 6

Sweet voice sweet music great work !!!!!!!! best wishes from austria !!” Auditact: Apr 6

“ Oh my, such spender, warmth and genuine feelings.” Mike Huntingford: March 31

“I’ve been in the music business for over 20 years and at this point it’s easy for me to identify a true talent when I see or hear that artist. Just paying respect where respect is due. If you’re touring make sure to make a tour-stop in Las Vegas. I’m absolutely certain your performance would go over well in my city. Warmest regards. — Jay .Harmon Sound: Mar 30

“Very clean, melodic music with great vocals & dynamics. great to discover you.” Zed Mizar: Apr 1