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Amazing songwriter, artist and someone with a big heart. Great music!! Big Fan!” Deenoboy: Jan 25

“Where would the world be without beautiful song, we can be thankful for your wonderfully constructed verse and melody Aoede, the building blocks of a happy earth,plus superb video, have a fabulously picturesque weekend of bliss,Peace, World Love, Song and Vision, Johnny” Johnny Bonkers: Jan 27

Superb melodic, unique songs. Distinctive vocals and smart, emotionally sharp and literate lyrics.” Last Day on Earth: Jan 28

I really thank you and love your style and work…god bless you rock! m/” Kevin Looney: Jan 29

“Thank-You! I am glad to know of & about You!. The more I learn about You, the more I Enjoy You!…!!! God Bless You! Aoede” Ronnie Eugene Jones: Jan 27