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Good Lord, after listening to several hundred RN artists, I can honestly say you blew me away. It’s like listening to Belle & Sebastion with stronger (not whispery Stuart Murdoch) vocals. Absolutely fabulous, lush and intelligent pop. Regards, ?Bill ?” Bill Odle: Aug 19

“Wow, really fresh and unique pop-alt – a touch of Cyndi Lauper meets a bit of punk – “Does Your Heart …” even hints of classic jazz? We could be wrong, but bet you are a fan of old classic jazz – a la – Billie Holiday?” Indie Islands: Aug 19

Your arrangements are so beautiful. I love Fairy Tale Love. Very dynamic and classy. Best wishes. Save The Children” Magnificat Sonnets: Aug 16

You have a good melodic sense, a very pleasant voice, & a unique mysterious allure. I even think you’re kinda cute ~ but you bet I say that to all the girls !! ; D ~ The Altruistic Messiah – Ben Vandagriff : Aug 19

I lost you win is very good, warm rich vocals with a cool groove, love the quashed vocal line in the background. Hey I read your blog, I am so sorry. You have courage I respect you. Keep on keep on. Ash” Mindful Chaos: Aug 21