To recognize YOU for your Aoede and share all the cool stuff you are saying about Aoede!

Love your sound and your love songs. I have to say that you are one of the most impressive talents I have found since being on ReverbNation. As a hopeful romantic, I am glad to be connected here and on FB and looking forward to your future accomplishments. ?All the best, ?Dale” Dale Houston: Aug 16

“You take your music very seriously and you have a gift. Actually, more than 1 gift. You can’t fail.” Rick Nickerson: Aug 12

“I became a fan of you. You are sensational. I am in love! Haha thanks for sharing! (: I hope you have a great rest of your day!” Maritza Dismary Daisy: Aug 4

Hope you’re doing well…you’re one of the most talented&unique artists on RN…-david
: Aug 16

AOEDE Creating Beautiful Amazing Music!! Your talent says it all in your beautiful music!!! Sweet and Peacful Voice! Cheers!” Stand Volume: Aug 9