To recognize YOU for your Aoede and share all the cool stuff you are saying about Aoede!

I have bought your album on itunes and am looking forward to listening to the songs while flying to Australia this Friday… Good luck with your music – love your voice it’s quirky and unique but I think it’s great because you are you.” Gill  Burness: July 18

“…Was Love Proof on one of Apples iPhone Facetime commercials?  I swear I heard it… Tommy, Target Market Music:  July 1

“Loved everything!!! Your voice, music production, and your lyrics are to die for. I’m not really Love Proof either…lol” The Coach: July 20

Hyponatic and very full of true entertainment value A+ on all fronts delightfull sounds and winsome wanderings of pure joy!!” Spider Minshew: July 18

If Jack Johnson were a Female, and cooler…… he’d be Aoede (lisa)!!!! You are amazing, I instantly fell in love with your sound, and it took me to my happy place! I have never enjoyed something so much so quickly!. I am Serious…. You are REALLY REALLY REALLY cool, amazing, terrific, contagious, heartfelt, youthfull 😉 (C.A.T.C.H.Y.) Much Love!!!Ricky Morse: July 16