To recognize YOU for your Aoede and share all the cool stuff you are saying about Aoede!

Effortlessly changing the chord progression right beneath our ears, guided all too perfectly with your vocals!” Jahon: July 2

Your music is pretty fresh and sunny. I dig that sort of alternative dreamy music. It reminds me a mix between Amanda Palmer and ?Tori Amos… I really like your songs. I’ve especially appreciated “Does Your Heart Ever Stop Feeling,” “Paper Tiger,” and of course “I Lost, You Win.” ” Mickael: July 4

Well just wow! Thank you so much for the note and for taking an interest in me! I just love listening to that music and am now a fan. Thanks for the download too. I’ll be keeping up with Aeode music.” Jane Lipsius-Driver: July 3

We love you guys! You have a very animated fun loving, bright sound! ?We all felt happy listening to your music! ?Thank you so very much for sharing with us! ?I (Kaela) particularly loved “If you Already Knew”! Top favvvvvv!Small Town Chasers: June 28

?Your music and vocals are totally awesome AOEDE! Thanks for the support :-)!The Time Bomb: July 1