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Wonderful music you have here. Beautifully crafted songs, artfully delivered. Cap Wilhelm-Safian: June 5

Thank you for making such great music! I wish I would have found you sooner. I enjoy all kinds of music and am definitely on my way to becoming a loyal fan! Pam Nelson: June 6

Hello from Canada! Your music is the exact definition of music I enjoy most! I really enjoyed Fairytale Love. Carla Celina Rukavina-Gignac: June 7

Hi Aoede, Been around to listen to some more trax of yours, my favs, are ‘I Lost You Win, ‘Does Your Heart Ever Stop Feeling’, Scratch The Surface, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me & ‘Annalis’, plenty of fav. trax, Keep it Up,;)Sonya Stewart: June 13

?Lovely songs, a welcome lift in the day 🙂Snippet: June 9