To recognize YOU for your Aoede and share all the cool stuff you are saying about Aoede!

“Does your heart ever stop feeling” should be in a movie! Izzy Marie Hill: May 11

The last time I even came close to hearing something this unique and engaging was Crash Test Dummies. Tom Juarez: May 07

Sweet, whimsical tunes floating across jumpy waters of ukeleles, pianos, acoustic basses and wooden guitars. I like taking a swim in these songs, and relish the closed headphone approach to the mixes. Very nice work indeed. Mike White Presents: May 10

I’m starting to fall for “Love Proof” now. It’s taken time for this to grow on me, but it’s coming on strong now. The video for it was so cute. I hate using the word “cute” by the way, but it applies here. The Muse will be with us…always.” Kev Atomic Honey: May 7

Beautiful voice! My goodness what grace and talent. I want to collab with you Aoede! We would create incredible music. Much respect.Tim Mayo: May 5