“Well behaved women seldom make history…”

I was privileged to be Kit McGuire-the DJ with the of gold’s-guest on Kits Korner’s on indie104.com iRadio LA early in March. Where did Aoede tour? What did Aoede develop that set her back? How did Aoede deal with it and keep her dream going? What is Aoede’s story? What’s the story behind and the main theme of Affair with the Muse? What was Aoede’s anthem through her therapy?

For answers to these questions and more, to get to know the muse behind the music, and for previews from Affair with the Muse… drink some tea or wine and kick back and listen to the in-depth, exclusive and very up-close-and-personal living room-style conversation between Aoede and Kit… and watch out, there’s a little zen in there too…

Aoede on Kit’s Korner  https://www.aoedemuse.com/audio/aoede-interview-03-11-11.mp3