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The video for I Lost, You Win is excellent. The music overall is truly haunting and I assume that’s Lisa’s vocal. Outstanding. I’m an old band/tour roadie/tech. You have “it”…”  Larry The Duck Old Roadie: March 23

Aoede, every once in a while I find real magic on RN. Here you are and I am enthralled! Wonderful wonderful music and a voice that makes me ache somewhere inside. (It’s a good thing). Your music is fantastic!!! ?Thank you for finding me…. So pleased! ?Your music is amazing and I can see the darkness lurking in your writing too. But, I must say you work is so professional and your voice is sensational. ?I am definitely your fan. ?Love it! Ian Stokol: March 20

I’m so glad that you found me. your music sounds incredible. it is exactly what i need and i really can’t get enough of it. it would be so great to see you in germany soon. stay wicked and take care. darkest greetings from sisaSisa: March 18

Beautiful voice and songs like fairy tales! Constance: March 21

Wow, your music is truly amazing — you are an inspiration! I will definitely be back to listen again. 🙂Douglas Craig: March 19