To recognize YOU for your Aoede and share all the cool stuff you are saying about Aoede!

β€œI listened to your music earlier when I added you. It kinda made me smile πŸ™‚ -wolfy” Steady Breather: Feb 26

β€œNothing’s Gonna Stop Me” Motivating…” Tre’Barz: March 2

β€œI love your whole concept and your beautifully unique vocal style… I will be a regular on your page and try to play often. hugs WILL ” 3 a.m.: March 4

β€œOMG I LOVE THIS SONG !!!! <3 ” Krystal: March 11

β€œWow!!! beautiful song!!!! ?great work!! ?love your voice!!! The video is very well done as well!!!” Michael Hartman: March 11