So I’ve been blown away by the Aoede lately from REVERBNATION. This will be a new daily post to recognize YOU for your Aoede and share all the cool stuff you are saying about Aoede.

“Very very cool, what a voice xxx” Lewis Hamilton and the Boogie Brothers: March 3

“Enchanting, indeed. We love it, and will certainly come back.” Xenophanes Productions: Feb 28

“A very different and bright repertoire, lovely voice, i like to be surprised by every song you have to listen to her never more as background music listen to her musice with all your ears, the outer, the inner ones” Dietmar Langhammer: Feb 27

“Your music is honest and very edgy, like walking on eggshells or starring into a broken mirror that only shows you a glimse of your wonder and splendor.” Mr LP: Feb 26

“Beautiful stuff–a great blend of many influences that combine to make this music timeless. Engaging.” Kev Atomic Honey: Feb 26