Welcome! I can hardly contain my excitement! After a few months of fast and furious planning and savvy web design, I have a new website! My thanks to my great pr people for making this happen! What’s so cool about the site is that it is dynamic, and now we can interact and connect more easily. I am particularly looking forward each week to sharing with you my first blog: “Musings,” where you will be able to leave comments, and I will respond. Another musical milestone… completion a new music video, “I Lost, You Win,” that you can view under the Videos tab or from the cool feature slider tab! We can even connect through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook with just a click. You can join our fan list and as a special thank you, receive a FREE mp3 of “I Lost, You Win,” in celebration of the new video! Hope you take some time to explore my new website and please come back frequently to connect with me through my blog and check out the ever changing content!

Aoede-muse of song