San Francisco *Pop Rock* Artist-Aoede-is making waves with Blue Gold, their new coastal surf-rock style anthem celebrating our precious blue liquid resource-the ocean-while raising awareness for marine debris and plastics in our environment. Singer/ songwriter for Aoede, Lisa Sniderman, is no stranger to these issues as she is also an Environmental Scientist working on statewide coastal water quality issues in San Francisco. Says Sniderman, “Our everyday activities often leave a variety of pollutants on the surface of our streets, sidewalks, parking lots, yards… think of oil and grease from our cars, pesticides from our gardens, dirt from construction, or items that we use like cigarettes, plastic bags that just get dumped. These often end up in our creeks, rivers, bays and our oceans. Plastic products are things we use everyday and hardly think about, but they are hard to dispose of-they don’t break down and often will be just thrown on the ground or blow from trash containers.” Sniderman further expresses, “I have been inspired and mesmerized by water for as long as I can remember.” The idea for Blue Gold came to her when she decided to combine her previously separate passions for coastal/water issues and for music. She aspires to affect change and inspire through this new catchy single.

Several organizations have offered to post the song as well as get the word out in order to reach a wide audience. Sniderman believes the song has appeal to both adults and kids. She plans to work with children’s classes to illustrate each of Blue Gold’s verses, which cover different plastics issues: cigarettes, plastic bags, six-pack rings, and colored marine debris. If you are interested in posting Blue Gold or otherwise using it for education and outreach or for film or tv productions featuring water, please contact Listen at:

Aoede (A-E-D) in Greek mythology was the first “muse of song.” Says Sniderman, “I chose this name both to inspire you and to remember to continually be inspired…I draw inspiration from my own life experiences and many muses and aspire to transfer this inspiration to you. When you listen to my songs, expect compelling stories of love, loss and longing spilling out through the mouthpiece to my muse-intended to take you, shake you and wake you.” Propelled by their desire to connect with audiences, Aoede formed an indie *pop rock* band in 2005 comprised of San Francisco trio Lisa Sniderman, David Sands, and John Walden. Aoede’s May 2008 release, Push and Pull, has been getting rave reviews, airplay and distribution. I Lost, You Win from this release was featured on American Airlines flights in January 2009.

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