Push and Pull


Aoede consists of Lisa Sniderman, David Sands and John Walden and this is their debut. Their music is multi-faceted and intensely engaging from the first song.

“You Don’t Know Me” reflects on how easily facades betray us and Sniderman’s bright vocal and the bouncy backing help it stand out. “I Lost, You Won” is a piano-based song that really shows off the singer’s passionate vocal. “Annalis” is guested by cellist Erika Mulkey who records fabulous music as Unwoman. The song is lovely and intense and really shows the band playing together well. Sinderman?s vocal is electrifying. “Something’s Gotten Ahold of You” is soft and appealing as the band play in a country-inspired fashion. Aoede are worthy of investigating.

Copyright © 2008 Anna Maria Stjärnell

via Luna Kafé – Aoede: Push and Pull.