Last month, San Fran Voice was lucky enough to get an interview with Lisa Sniderman, the voice of Aoede. In that interview, Lisa told us that Aoede is a folk-laced pop-rock duo which takes its name from the muse of song in Greek mythology. After listening to the four tracks on their EP, Ear Candy, I have to say that the name is fitting. The music conjures up all of the fantasy and inspiration of a beautiful, tragic myth. It is a story-telling, magic-making kind of music.

Lisa’s got a high voice that stands out against the instrumentals in these songs in a way which is pleasant. It’s almost as if her vocals add a lightness, a radiance that dances on the edges of the music itself. It’s like the halo on an angel, the shimmering light on a firefly’s back. And although it catches your attention, her voice doesn’t detract at all from the music itself. Intricate melodies are created by the various guitars, the drums and the keyboard to create a complete song with many layers to it.

Aoede is a fun duo. You can tell this just from looking at the EP which has candies decorated with their name placed along a pretty pink and yellow background. And the music is pretty. But that doesn’t mean it’s shallow. The lyrics in these four songs touch on a number of topics, both personal and social. In the first track, “Rose Colored Glasses”, Lisa explores the difficulty that we have probably all encountered with making ourselves look at the less-than-pretty sides of life in order to grow as individuals. It’s no easy task, and for Lisa to be able to sum it up so well in the lines of a short song points to her flair for writing. The lyrics and supported with music that alternates between flowing and insistent, mirroring the feelings that Lisa is describing.

Aoede will be playing at a battle of the bands in Oakland next month and at the Red Vic Peace Café in The Haight this month. You can learn more from the Aoede website or the Aoede MySpace page. Keep your ears tuned for their upcoming album release.

via San Francisco Voice » CD Review: Aoede.