I always try to do an introduction to the interviews that I post on my site. This is where I pull together what the band has said and summarize it to give it some form. But on occasion, I get an interview back from a band member who has written everything with such flow and summed everything up so concisely that there’s no reason for me to give an introduction. So, I’ll leave it to Aoede to tell you what there is to know. Although I will point out that a band that can write their own interview answers so well is a band with lyrics you’ll want to pay attention to.

What can you tell us about your musical history? If you’re a band, when and how did you form?
Aoede (ay-ee-dee) is primarily a folk-laced, San Francisco-based pop-rock duo, comprised of singer-songwriter/vocalist Lisa Sniderman, and David Sands on bass guitar. They have been performing as Aoede since 2005. Aoede has also been performing as a full band, which Lisa has remarked adds “batteries” to her original songs and performances. In Greek mythology, Aoede was the muse of song. Lisa has always taken her inspiration from the world around her, musing on her personal stories, heartaches and dreams as well as those around her, and expressing her musings through songs. For Lisa, “Aoede” embodies the intersection of her inspiration and music, connecting with the listener in a way that effects and inspires.

Lisa fronted a cover band for a few years during which she began to write and play her originals and felt the muse seep into her, fueling her expression like listening to some fantastic dream. Lisa continues to muse and play regularly and eagerly awaits her next source of inspiration. In Aoede, you can hear influences of artists such as Sam Phillips, Aimee Mann, Shawn Colvin, and Sarah McLachlan combined with the emotional intensity and dark undertones of New Model Army, Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen.

If you had to sum up your sound in a sentence, what would you say?

Folk-laced acoustic, pop-rock a la Aimee Mann and Sam Phillips, with some dark undertones thrown in from the great depressives (Leonard Cohen), some raw emotioned Brits (New Model Army) and one tormented Aussie (Nick Cave)…

A person who walked into a live performance of yours right now would see…

Others like themselves that were unexplainably moved, rocked, affected and infected by the catchy melodies and lyrics and the raw emotion and unique quality of the vocals; Dave and I (Lis) (acoustic or in full band) enjoying ourselves and entertaining you with our music on stage, emoting and expressing, interacting with and playing to our fans and audience, and feeling our great energy-letting the music carry us and you.

If your music was a San Francisco landmark, which one would it be and why?

Oooh…good question…I think maybe Mission Dolores-the oldest building in SF-both for its timelessness, it’s inspiration, it’s backdrop for a community, its ability to transport you somewhere else…

Favorite SF venue for seeing live music? For playing?

Probably Great American Music Hall, Café Du Nord, Hotel Utah, Makeout Room, Red Vic, Independent for seeing or playing live music-although would still like to play some of these!

Which spots in the city can you be found in when you’re just out and about?

Mostly the Mission, Glen Park and Bernal Heights-I enjoy walking around Cortland and Mission neighborhoods-and taking in the varied urban landscape-Progressive, El Rio, Bazaar Café in The Richmond (where you can see us play the third Wednesday of every month!).

Where do you want to be a year from now?

Performing at some of the above-mentioned venues in SF and Bay Area with our full band, touring nationwide and perhaps abroad, perhaps as the opener for a major headliner; recording another album; continuing to write, collaborating with other musicians; and growing as a songwriter. Also, hope to be playing the keyboard at some future shows since guitar is my primary instrument but I’ve started to write on piano…

What other local musicians or bands should the people of SF know about?

Alex Karweit He just released a new album – check him out!!!

WomenROCK –an eclectic collective of women fronted bands, singer-songwriters, etc. in the SF Bay Area-we put on benefit shows for various causes…

There are too many local talents to name here…please just go see live music and support local musicians!

If there was anything that you could make sure your fans knew, what would it be?

We’ve been working hard for several months recording our album, which we expect to release in late summer. Please get on our mailing list so you can stay updated on the album progress, upcoming shows and so much more! Please come see us and introduce yourselves! Also, I really want to stay connected my fans-it’s this music community that keeps inspiring me to do what I do…

Tell us what we should know about any CDs, posted videos, or upcoming events that you’ve got going on.

First, Aoede released an EP, Ear Candy, in August 2006, and has successfully promoted it. You can now hear Ear Candy on over 18 stations across the nation!
(See our MySpace page for a list of stations on which you can request Aoede)

If you want to get your copy, you can order direct for $5.00 from: our website, CD Baby, and Earbuzz or digitally (e.g., through SNOCAP on MySpace). If you go through my website, I’ll send you a signed copy and a coupon good for a discount at our next show.

Second, You Can Now Make Mash-Ups with Aoede’s Songs! Go to MakeVideo, make yours and send it to me to get posted on the site.

Third Wednesday of every month, Aoede plays acoustic, unplugged at Bazaar Café as part of WomenROCK acoustic showcase (5927 California St in SF)

August 31, Aoede plays an acoustic show at the Red Vic in SF (1665 Haight St. in SF)

See also our website for other upcoming shows (we’re always adding them!)

And stay tuned for CD Release show probably in the Fall…

via San Francisco Voice » SF Bands Speak: An Interview with Aoede.