Aoede is predominantly the talents of Lisa Sniderman, vocals, and David Sands, bass. The duo is the nucleus of the band. The EP, “Ear Candy”, is an interesting collection of 4-tunes that pushes an organic folk rock message with a dash of alternative and avant-garde. The first track, “Rose Colored Glasses”, showcases Sniderman’s vocals, and we were immediately reminded of Lena Lovitch and Chrissy Hynde. The songwriting here has a touch punk as lyrics describe the shiny happy contacts that inspired it, ‘when your life is a bed of roses, you’re tasting milk and honey and skies are always blue, can’t let those thorns hurt you”. Sniderman’s delivery is original. She provides her own harmonies and the arrangement of those vocals is compelling – such as in track 2’s, “Leap of Faith”. The chorus is endearing. There are only 4 tracks on the album, and the third combines an atmospheric dreamy verse vibe with metallic acoustic guitar support as Sniderman describes life as ‘flickerin, just when we want it to be still it keeps on flickerin’. The final track, “So it Goes”, is an anthem emotional piece and our favorite on the CD. We look forward to more.

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