10 Things I’ve Learned From Watching Grandma

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” C.G. Jung

Dave and I just returned from Arizona where were were privileged to celebrate my Grandma’s 95th birthday with her on St. Patrick’s Day! It got me thinking not only about all the changes Grandma has seen in her 95 years of life, her many life lessons and experiences, but also about what she has taught me just by example even during the week I was with her. Maybe because of her, I look at life and ask what can I learn or what can I teach? Perhaps she thrives at 95 not only because she is loved, needed, included, but because she still has more to learn and to teach…


I watched her sit by the window and watch the birds just outside with such awe and wonder. I watched her lovingly pet the dogs and feed them scraps. I watched her face light up as mom, grandma and I all went to the therapy handicapables class at the swimming pool. I watched her sit outside in the warm sun totally engrossed in her book. I watched her zoom out of the car in her walker-faster than mom or I to be the first at the restaurant to go try to pay, concealing her credit card in her sleeve stealthily, as if we wouldn’t notice. I watched as she lit up a room when she walked in or smiled at the dogs or birds inside the house. I watched as others greeted her and couldn’t help but be affected by her joy and her light.  I watched as she would get dressed up and then ask each day when she could take us to lunch or to dinner-wanting to spend her time out in the world at restaurants with people and good food. I watched as we left the sneak preview at the theater, and she said, “well they can’t all be  winners now can they?” I watched as she and mom wrote out, addressed and sent each thank you card the day after her birthday. I watched her eyes light up as she watched me play ukulele and sing her and mom a special birthday song. I watched as she repeatedly asked whether we were flying home today…

So for this month’s post, here are “10 Things I’ve Learned From Watching Grandma”  Perhaps they will resonate with you too!

10 Things I’ve Learned From Watching Grandma

1. Embrace each new day with love, wonder and gratitude.

2. Treat all creatures equally (especially dogs and birds) with kindness and love and make them feel special!

3. Spend time each day just observing nature and beauty.

4. Accept everything in life as little gifts, acknowledge and appreciate them, and feel blessed to receive each one.

5. Give in every way you can-to everyone you can.

6. Have a positive attitude about your life.

7. Read and keep your mind active; keep learning and growing.

8. Keep your body active physically and keep challenging yourself.

9. Focus on the joy, wonder, beauty, light in all things.

10. Dress up, eat good food and enjoy good living while you can!

Thank you Grandma. May you continue to shine and to pass on more life lessons to all you touch…